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MEC N. Shushu


HOD W.V.D Mothibi

Agri tips

Good Vaccination Practices

Guidelines for the correct procedures to follow when inoculating your animals are:

1.Read the instructions

Before vaccinating your animals, carefully read the user instructions on the package insert of the vaccine, and use the medicine only as instructed and prescribed.

Take note of the warnings on the package insert. For example, immunising an in-calf cow against brucellosis (Strain 19 vaccine) could cause her to abort.

2.Sterilise the needles

Before vaccinating, boil syringes and needles in water for at least 15 minutes in order to sterilise them. Never use a disinfectant or methylated spirits.

If possible, use a separate needle for each animal as injecting more than one animal with the same needle could result in a transfer of disease-causing viruses or bacteria from an infected animal to a healthy animal.


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