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MEC N. Shushu


HOD W.V.D Mothibi

Agri tips

Developing and Managing Small Herd of Beef Cattle


Beef production is a large and important segment of South African farming. Beef farming works well with other agricultural enterprises like grain (in particular), orchard, vegetable, or other crop operations. Cattle can make efficient use of feed resources that have little alternative use, such as crop residues, marginal cropland, and land not suitable for tillage, or land that cannot produce crops other than grass.

For people who own land but work full-time off the farm, a beef enterprise can be the least labour-intensive way to utilize their land. A cattle enterprise can use family or surplus labour. Calving, weaning, vaccinations, castration, and weighing can be planned for times when labour is available.

Consider your resources, the land available, and your level of interest and capabilities before deciding to engage in the cattle business. Identify why you want to raise cattle and set goals to achieve the most constant economic return or personal satisfaction. Your goals must be clearly defined, firmly fixed, achievable, and have a realistic time frame. Otherwise, your operation will lack focus.


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