The sub-programme  Export Control is responsible for the facilitation of trade animals and animal products
Contact Person:Deputy Director:Dr Hugo on 053 839 7870

The number of certificates signed informs of the amount of trade that is taking place in the province and how much trade is inbound and how much is outbound.After the slump in 2008 which lasted until 2012/13,recovery was seen in 2013/15 and 2014/15.The regaining of the Foot and Mouth Disease free status contributed greatly to this increase.

South Africa has become strict in terms of imports of beef cattle especially weaners and the industry had taken government to court on import protocols.Currently, only sheep seem to be imported into the country from Nambia and the bulk of these animals go for slaughter.

Raw manure is imported from specific feedlot in Namibia into the Northern Cape to be used as fertilizer in vineyards.This manure is normally mixed with chicken manure before its applied.

The Northern Cape is struggling in securing lucrative international markets for its lamb.Beef on the other hand seems to be picking up especially to Egypt,Mauritius and UAE.A Russian delegation was recently in the province to inspect one abattoir for exports to that country.Exports may therefore increase in the near future.

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